Viper [DJ]

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I started to learn how to DJ around 1992 I managed to buy a set of Sound Lab Belt Driven Dexs, I could not afford a table at the time so I had to practice on my hands and knees no carpet so it was proper hardcore back then.

For those that remember the Tesco own brand sausages and bacon and eggs  and bread in the blue and white stripe packages you could buy all of this for under a Fiver and I survived on this just so I could buy records.

I was always buying from Brick house records in Grays, Boogie Times Records in Romford and Nicky Black Market in Soho I was always greeted with a big smile knowing full well am about to hand over a wad of cash Chi Ching !!!!

My first radio show was  on Dance  Zone FM around late 93 in Grays Essex and it was here where I learnt the first stages of DJ Mixing I knew nothing about music theory or how music was put together I didn’t grow up in the sound system culture as I grew up in a completely different culture to my own at a very young age and where I grew up there was no such things as a pirate radio station only Radio Carolina, I was always searching for different music on the radio  dial and  I remember instinctively I used to play with the graphic Equaliser cutting out the different frequency I would be around 12 - 13 years old when I was doing that and remember I didn’t even know what a DJ  was.

My first experience of underground Radio stations was in the  90’s  and I would listen to Funky Flirt & Desert Rat and the Brain Killers of course many more but these guys I would look for first.

My first Rave experience was the Berwick Manor and  what I call my first big rave  experience with Faith @Linford Film Studio’s.

I won My first DJ Competition winning a little mixer  and my first Residency @Oscar Pier in Clacton and for those that know this place was banging back in the day.

I like to thank Special A and DJ Quest & Desert Rat for there support &  introducing me to this world.

For many years I worked with DJ Quest putting on Solid Vinyl Events and I was the founder of the Original B.P.M events in Shoreditch & Holland.

As my journey continued which I would say were the golden years I had the honour to play on the most iconic radio station  on the planet Kool FM and the maddest thing about this is 1. Funky Flirt and Shockin B  & Desert Rat were all playing on here and 2. I found out that I was born in Hackney and some how I come full circle.

I have had the honour playing for Raindance, Jungle Fever, Residency @Oscar Pier, We are Legend, Informal, Kool FM Events  it taken me to countries like  Germany, Amsterdam, Greece, Miami

Bootcamp Show every other Saturday 7pm- 9pm

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