Lipton [MC/DJ]

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London Carnival, Shock sound system, Brian Gee, 1994 is where it all began for Lipton. From there he has been on numerous radio stations such as: Dream Fm, Don Fm, Crystal Fm, Upfront Fm and Kool FM to name but a few.

In 1995 he met up with Paul Roast and worked on a series of different projects that, involved the creation of FreshFm, a club event and a DJ Agency called Young Gunz.

In 1996 Lipton went to University in Liverpool where he became a Legal Radio Presenter on Crash 107.6 Fm playing Garage & House every Sunday evening.

Lipton has performed in numerous clubs abroad, in the UK and at events such as: Trinity, Sun City, One Love, Together as One, Slamming Vinyl, Dream All-nighters, Alexandra Palace, Garage Nation, Jungle Fever, Seven Wonders, Absolute Sunday, Happy Days, UK Garage Music Festival and Sidewinder to name but a few.

Over the years Lipton has worked with the likes of Pied Piper, Grooverider, Randall, DJ SY, DJ Vibes, Miss Dynamite, Matt Jam Lamont, Mike Ruff Cutt Lloyd, Jaydee, Andy C, EZ, Fabio, Karl Brown, Dream Team and practically everyone else.

Lipton got together with His and Hers Music and came up with Undaground & Ladies Man which was signed to DND.In 2000.

Most recently Lipton has been making music with Wikaman and Hoodlum. You can catch Lipton every year at London’s Notting Hill Carnival hosting on the Disco Hustlers sound system