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Devious D got his name from school where he was always in trouble but managed to keep getting out of it..... So was then given the name, Devious!

In the late 80s, Devious D played Hip Hop for the local sound ‘Solar Force´ and fast became known as one of the best scratch DJs in the area. In 1990, Devious D came 3rd in the regional Technics DMC Mixing Championships.

By 1991, Devious D started playing out on the rave circuit and got his first big break for the well known organisation Telepathy, and from this, playing weekly at Marshgate Lane he started to

become very well known and went on to play at virtually every major rave event over the next few years and has since continued to do so. Through some outstanding sets across the UK, The Prodigy became aware of Devious and contacted him to tour with them around the UK. Devious toured the UK with the well known rave band The Prodigy and made 25 appearances as their DJ playing before every Prodigy performance.

1993/94, Devious has established himself on the circuit and playing at most events up and down the country with his uplifting jungle beats. Devious D is known as a ragga jungle specialist and has a very large collection of exclusive dubplate specials! As well as this, he was a runner up in the Jungle Soundclash Finals which featured other mainstream DJs.

1995, Devious D played an event called Jungle Dawn and was the first DJ known to ever play a set that lasted the whole night from start to finish. This event was a one off special featuring 6 hours of straight mixing.

Record releases include a collaboration with MC Jay J from SL2 releasing various tracks on Awesome Records which include, Time of Our Lives, Drives Ya Crazy, Rock on Time and more!

Listen to Devious D the 3rd Sunday of the month, Super Sunday evening between 1900-2100 GMT.

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