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Shockin B (DJ/MC) has been involved in the underground hardcore jungle scene since the early 90's. He started his professional career as a rapper and was a member of a jazz fusion band called The Fuzz Junkies.

Self taught to mix and chat/rap etc as a follow on from school and playground antics and sound system days. Shockin' also shared skills and tips with many youngsters during many workshops he tutored at his local youth centre.

Shockin' later went on to make waves on the pirate radio scene as MC Shocking and started on a local station called Function FM proceeding to Weekend Rush and worked alongside the likes of the Brainkillers Apache and Unknown), Ital, Funky Flirt, Red Ant, Remarc, Rusher and Fox, Shabba D and Sparks.

It wasn't until his move, the turn of the year 95/96 when he got on to the legendary Kool FM and the story continues.