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Dare to play different. For many years, Jack-knife (also known as Uncle Jack) hosted his weekly show ‘Kool Hardcore’. It was responsible for introducing many Kool listeners to the alternative and darker side of hardcore rave music.

Spawned from this show, he created the ‘undiluted and uncompromised’ branded London based event - ‘kin Hardcore, an underground hardcore rave for those wanting to hear a much wider range of the genre.

Continuing his underground journey, Jack-knife now presents Kool London’s premier hip hop show; 'You don't know Jack!' This is his personal journey through the ‘golden age of hip hop’. Music which influenced this genre is sporadically sprinkled throughout so a keen ear and open mind is essential when listening. To coincide with his show, he launched the hip hop and soul event ‘Run the Interference’ (RTI) which ran many successful nights in Camden.

Musically, Jack-knife takes a ‘purist’ attitude and is swayed towards going in very deep rather than spreading thinly. He is also a keen vinyl turntablist!